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Expert & Skilled Tiling Services

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Whatever your installation job or project is, I aim to ensure that my tiling services exceed the expectations of the customer. T&T Tiling can manage your tiling installation job, no matter how big or how small, from beginning to end and even provide selected tile designs at our customers request, to complete the task. From the supply of tiles for any occasion to tiling installation for your chosen rooms, home, conservatory or garden patios, I do it all. Get in touch with me today to find out how my services can assist your needs.

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Floor Tile Installation

The floor tile installation service I provide goes unmatched. I supply and can install any floor tiling material from the most luxurious to the more basic style choices. Whatever your need I will deliver a floor tiling installation service you would expect for your home.

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Wall Tile Installation

As with any of the services I provide, wall tile installation is another common area that I am extremely familiar with, and will deliver the very best results regardless of how big or small the job is. Should additional work be needed to make small repairs to your walls, I will do that too, before attempting your wall tile installation.

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Bathroom Tile Installation

Nothing is better than the relaxing environment of your bath and/or shower area. The tiling of your bathroom floor and walls should reflect this. I have extensive knowledge in what tiles will work and look best in your bathroom, ensuring the tiles used are water and steam resistant which will remain residue or mould free over time.

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Kitchen Tile Installation

Nothing is worse than having tiles in your kitchen that get dirty or stained by oils, foods and drinks when cooking or eating. I can provide you with a professional kitchen tile installation service that will guarantee to maintain the elegance of your cooking and dining area, without you having to ever worry about damage or stains to your kitchen tiles on the floor or walls.

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Bespoke Tile Installation

There are so many different types and styles of tiles and making a set decision can be difficult. Why should you settle on choosing only one style? In addition to my installation services, I offer the option of specialising your design to match your preferences. I can cut, shape and arrange your tiles professionally, in such a way that your tile installation will have its own unique, original look.

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Conservatory Tile Installation

Tiling for your conservatory or patio has never been simpler than with T&T Tiling. I offer an array of tile choices for my customers to choose from, in a range of materials that are perfect for your patio or conservatory. My work is meticulous and professional, ensuring your conservatory floors or walls are done right, having the longevity you would expect.

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Tiling Installation Services You Can Count On

I always aim to complete all my installation work to perfection. The services I provide are delivered to the highest quality and I will never class a job as complete until I can confirm the 100% satisfaction of the customer. Proof of this can be seen in my tiling gallery. Why not view some of the tile designs I offer or if you are still undecided, leave me a message with your query.

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